Help make breakthrough research accessible to millions of people.

The Breakthrough Crew is the world’s leading advocacy organization for clinical trial research.

Together, with pharmaceutical partners, policy makers, investors, and the team at Clara Health, we help demystify clinical research and bring life-changing research to those who need it most.

Breakthrough Crew by the numbers

Our amazing Breakthrough Crew members help build a bridge between patient communities and the healthcare industry partners who push new research forward.

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Here's what you may be curious about.

Why should I join?

Free. Swag.

Just kidding, although you’ll get that too! Joining The Breakthrough Crew unlocks a trove of opportunities to provide feedback on clinical trials. At Clara Health, we consult our Breakthrough Crew members for feedback on everything from protocol design to how we help patients during the trial itself. We strongly believe that patients are integral partners in healthcare and, as a result, we try to compensate as fairly as possible for any consulting work we ask of you!

You’ll also get access to an exclusive community of fellow advocates who serve across a wide variety of diseases and professions. Grow your network, skillset, and knowledge base amongst our stellar Crew members.  

What will I do?

As an official Breakthrough Crew Ambassador, your role is to help empower patients and caregiver and raise awareness about the power of clinical trial and breakthrough research.

Here are a few of the ways our current ambassadors are making a difference:

  • Raising awareness via social media
  • Sharing their story via a blog, video, pictures, art, performance, etc.
  • Representing the Breakthrough Crew at local healthcare events
  • Proudly wearing their Breakthrough Crew swag at conferences and clinics!
  • Consulting on our work with trial partners
  • Contributing to and reviewing Clara Health’s white papers
  • Providing feedback to Clara’s latest products and improvements
  • Participating in Breakthrough Crew Twitter chats
  • Co-hosting events in their regions

What is the time commitment?

Being patient advocates ourselves, we recognize that advocacy is often a second, third or fourth job for many in healthcare! Thus we welcome a range of participation, from a few hours a month to multiple times a week, depending on the person and project. We just ask that you regularly engage with any content we create, whether that is via your social media, website, conferencing, or other mediums.

How can I join?

Simple -- just click the big blue button below!